But mothers at OHEL Bais Ezra are extraordinary -- they face challenges, and OHEL Bais Ezra is there for them!

These are some of the extraordinary mothers at OHEL Bais Ezra:

Sara, a foster mother caring for three foster children, receives ongoing counseling and support from OHEL while she provides love and warmth to these abused and neglected youngsters.
Susan, a mother of five children who now resides in OHEL's Domestic Abuse Shelter. She is receiving counseling and everything she and her children need as she escapes her very abusive marriage.
Edith, the Holocaust survivor, who wonders who will care for her disabled son when she is no longer alive. 

Won't you help these very special mothers who deal with challenges each and every day?

OHEL recognizes the special strengths of the thousands of mothers who are part of the OHEL family! We know that with the help of OHEL professionals, they want to be good mothers to their children and create loving and supportive families.

Please honor OHEL's Mothers on this Mother's Day and contribute today.

Visit www.ohelfamily.org/mothersday